About us

Neurotyka born in late 1999 as a WebMagazine, aimed at disseminating global national and international independent arts. The mission to inform and entertain our readers are successfully completed until early 2001, when for various reasons we take a break.

Almost at the end of 2004 the work was resumed, but now focused on another area: the record. We start with the creation of an independent label, covering different styles of music, brings together new bands from the national and international scene.

In 2005 we released the first album, At the edge of happiness Fall group. In May 2006, we released the second album, Heat EP of Tonossepia, also during this month to seal up the rest of the participants in the bands.

In October 2006 we made our first cycle Tallersol bands, during which we released our first compilation sampler “Neurotyka 2999” in which most of the bands that participated in the event involved.